Types of Orders based on Quantity.

There are some orders which you can place as per your choice of quantity. Let’s go through each of them.

1) All or None (AON):-

The order in which all of the specified quantity of shares gets executed at once is called AON.

Eg. 1 want one lakh (1,00,000) shares at once. If 1 lakh shares are available then the order gets executed and if not then the order gets immediately canceled.

2) Minimum Fill:-

In this order, you specify the number of shares you want but with one additional specified quantity that if the first specified amount of shares are not available then execute the second specified amount of shares.

Eg. 1 want one lakh (1,00,000) shares but if it is not available then at least give me a minimum of 20,000 shares.

3) Disclosed Quantity (DQ):-

It is a type of order which enables either buyer/seller to disclose only a part of the total quantity ordered.

Eg. I want to sell 10 lakh (10,00,000) shares at Rs. 95.

So the buyer can interpret that the seller is desperate and he will bargain. Here the seller is at a loss.

So the seller says that I will not disclose that I want to sell 10 lakh shares at once. I will disclose it in a lot of 1000.

Note – If you have large no of shares and don’t want another person to understand then use DQ. That’s why this facility is generally used by large investors.