Give and you shall receive.

It is very necessary to give your money to the charities, donate to the needy people. Most of the people only give their time and knowledge but when it comes to money they usually pull their hands off. They always say that they would give when they have some extra money but there is hardly any extra left with them.

You must have seen rich people giving millions to charities. That is because if you want something, you first need to give it. If you are short of money, still donate no matter how small it is. Generosity will make you rich.

The best idea:

Whenever you are short or in need of something, give what you want first and it will come back to you in gallons and buckets. This idea goes for whatever you want be it money, love, respect, smile, friendship, etc. 99% of the people do exactly opposite this idea. They apply this idea at the last but this should be the first thing to do. Give what you want.

You want money, give money.

You want love, give love.

You want to build a business, help someone to build theirs. It will automatically come back to you.

The world is a mirror of you. If you think people aren’t loving you, dancing please show love to the people around you. You will automatically get surrounded by loving people.

You give a smile to a person in front of you and there will reply(reflect) you with a smile. Always remember What Goes Around Comes Around.

Teach and you will receive. The more you teach the more you learn. If you want to learn about a particular subject, teach it to someone else. You will be popped up with new lessons.

Sometime you will get nothing even if you have given or you may not get what you wanted. That’s because you are giving it being greedy to receive instead of giving for the happiness, joy, and relaxation of soul. Be generous with what you have.